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1. The NCBTMB requires that we put your home address on your transcript. Please enter it in the box below. Don't worry, we will not mail you anything or give it to anyone else.
2. According to this text, how many dimensions of wellness are there?
3. An exercise class addresses what dimension of personal wellness?
4. What is emotional wellness?
5. How can a Wellness Center promote Social wellness?
6. What service can a Wellness Center offer for a persons occupational wellness?
7. What is synergy?
8. How does a Wellness Center use Synergy to promote individual wellness?
9. What is involved in staffing a client in a Wellness Center?
10. Why is Case Staffing not a breach of confidentiality?
11. Why should a Wellness Center have bylaws or an SOP?
12. How should the owner of a Wellness Center respond to practitioners that incorporate methods they do not agree with?
13. How is your primary market area defined?
14. What is a reasonable drive time for a market area?
15. How can you determine the radius of your primary market area?
16. What facts should you examine when checking out your competitors?
17. Why is it important to know the laws for all the practitioners in your center?
18. How big should a treatment room be?
19. What important feature should you keep in mind when choosing an office to use for business administration?
20. Why should a conference room have a calendar accessible to all practitioners in the Wellness Center?
21. What advertising advantages does a Wellness Center offer?

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