Students enroll in the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute with purchase of one or more of our continuing education courses.

The Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute has open enrollment, meaning that new students can enroll at any time. All of our courses are cognitive home study courses.

Deadlines For Registration
There are no registration deadlines for our courses. You can start right away.

Please be aware that we do not give refunds. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the means of accessing the courses that you have purchased and that they meet your states licensing requirements. Please be aware that state laws change all of the time, and it is the responsibility of the licensee (that’s you) to know what educational programs are accepted by their licensing board.

Your Certificate of completion and updated transcript
The certificate of completion does not arrive immediately after paying, we need to match up your payment to the quiz to make sure you passed before we email it out, and this could take up to 24 hours depending on what time you took the quiz or how many people are ahead of you in line.

Generally speaking it should only take a few minutes for you to get your certificate if you take the quiz during business hours. If you take the quiz after hours or on a weekend you will still get it as quickly as possible, but please allow the full 24 hours.

Multiple Purchases of the Same Courses
If you click “submit” or “pay now” more than once in the check out you may be charged more than once. Please don’t do that. If you click “submit” or “pay now” and nothing happens CALL US so we can determine if your payment went through. We do not do refunds for multiple purchases, but if you did this we will offer you “store credit”-so you can pick other courses you need and we will send them to you.

You may request transcripts to be sent to the address of your choice at anytime. You receive one updated transcript with each course completed. Additional Transcripts may be ordered at anytime at no charge.

Daily Quiz Limit
You may only complete 14 hours of Continuing Education per 24 hour period. If you ignore this rule and keep taking tests the system will let you take the test, but they will not show up on the transcript, so keep it at 14 hours and under per day, please.

If You did not get your Certificate/Transcript
If for some reason you took a quiz but did not get your certificate or transcript just contact us and tell us what day you took it and which course it was and we will take care of it immediately.