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2. What is the basis for a client’s feelings and thoughts about a massage practitioner?
3. When does transference become an issue of concern for the massage practitioner?
4. In the context of this course, the term transference refers to what?
5. Why might a client begin to feel Romantic/Erotic feelings toward a massage therapist?
6. Why might a client in a rehabilitation clinic begin to feel resentment toward a massage therapist that is helping them recover from an injury?
7. Which of the following is NOT an indicator of possible Romantic/Erotic transference?
8. What is the Drama Triangle?
9. Which of the following is not a role in the Drama Triangle?
10. What role is the massage therapist most likely to play in the Drama Triangle?
11. Which of the following is not a possible warning sign of a Drama Triangle?
12. What is the most important factor in avoiding negative countertransference issues?
13. In the context of this course, the term countertransference refers to what?
14. A massage therapist not wanting to charge an elderly man that reminds them of their father is an example of what kind of countertransference?
15. What is a measure you can take to avoid transference and countertransference issues in your practice?
16. A massage therapist that has struggled with feelings of inadequacy in the past may resent clients they are unable to treat effectively.
17. Transference and countertransference of feelings are normal and can happen to everyone.
18. Transference and countertransference of feelings is only a problem if it interferes with the therapeutic relationship.
19. Regular self-assessment can help the practitioner avoid transference and countertransference issues.
20. Massage therapists that develop feelings toward their clients are unprofessional.
21. Adhering to a Code of Ethics will help you avoid transference and countertransference issues.

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