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1. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has identified three basic elements of forced commercial labor and they are Work, Menace and _______________.
2. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that ________ victims are trapped in modern-day slavery.
3. In the United States forced commercial labor thrives in industries that routinely employ ______________________.
4. There are three types of activities defined as sex trafficking crimes: acquisition, transportation and ____________.
5. Human trafficking victims are ________________________.
6. According to Polaris, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking, there are more than ________ suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (IMBs) exploit tens of thousands of women as sex slaves.
7. Illicit Massage Businesses can maintain the outward illusion or propriety because they_____________________________________.
8. How are Illicit Massage Businesses built to survive police raids?
9. Which of the following is a possible "red flag" that a massage business is a cover for sex trafficking?
10. What can you do to help eradicate human trafficking in the massage industry?

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