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1. The NCBTMB requires that we put your home address on your transcript. Please enter it in the box below. Don't worry, we will not mail you anything or give it to anyone else.
2. Which system of the body is the most active in fighting infections?
3. How are infections classified?
4. What is an apparent infection?
5. What is an occult infection?
6. Which of the following is NOT a possible symptom of an infection?
7. In regards to infection, what does the term “colonization” refer to?
8. Which of the following elements can cause the immune system to be compromised?
9. How can an invading organism enter the body?
10. What is meant by the term “Transmission” in reference to this course?
11. What is a good example of "direct contact" when describing transmission?
12. What is Cellulitis?
13. What is Necrotizing fasciitis?
14. Scabies is a good example of what kind of infection?
15. What are disinfectants?
16. The chemical known as "quats" are very common in Hair Salons and Day Spas where massage therapists work. What are "quats"?
17. What is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis in the United States?
18. Who is most likely to get a rotavirus disease?
19. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for developing mucormycosis?
20. Who is at risk for Hepatitis B infection?
21. What is an infection?

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