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1. The immune system is made up of__________________________.
2. How is the bone marrow involved in the immune system?
3. What is the function of the Thymus?
4. What are the functions of the spleen?
5. The T helper is an important cell because it ________________________.
6. What do B Cells do?
7. Why are Macrophages referred to as “scavengers”?
8. Where do Dendritic Cells originate?
9. What is the function of the lymphatic system?
10. Approximately what percentage of lymphatic capillaries are located near or just under the skin?
11. Approximately how many lymph nodes are there in the average human body?
12. What is Lymphangitis?
13. What is Lymphoma?
14. What is a symptom of Mononucleosis?
15. What is Anaphylaxis?
16. According to the text, how many new cases of HIV are diagnosed in the U.S. alone each year?
17. What does the term “Universal Precautions” mean?
18. What is Lupus?
19. Which organs can be damaged by Systemic lupus erythematosus?
20. How many people with systemic lupus suffer organ damage?
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