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1. Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint are most commonly found in which group?
2. Which of the following is not a suspected cause of Temporomandibular Joint disorder?
3. What is Bruxism?
4. The Temporomandibular joint allows the jaw to:
5. Otalgia is pain in what area of the body?
6. What results can a person suffering from TMJD hope to get from massage therapy?
7. Why is TMJD difficult to diagnose?
8. Which three muscles are most effected by TMJD?
9. What is hypermobility of the jaw?
10. What are the Actions of the Masseter?
11. Why is the supine position preferred for clients with TMJD?
12. Which nerve is responsible for innervating the Masster?
13. Where would you locate the temporal aponeurosis?
14. According to the survey in the text, what percentage of TMJD sufferers had turned to alternative medicine, including massage therapy for treatment?
15. Temporomandibular Joint disorders are more common in males than females.
16. Trauma from whiplash can cause Temporomandibular Joint disorders.
17. General practitioners can refer patients with TMJD to massage therapists.
18. Poor fitting dentures can lead to TMJD.
19. Systemic lupus erythematosus can produce inflammation in the TMJ.
20. Massage treatments for TMJD should be short but frequent in duration.
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