Anatomy & Pathology Courses
Advanced Anatomical Language
Controlling Infectious Agents in the Massage Room
Massage Therapy and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
Massage Therapy and Fibromyalgia
Massage Therapy and Lupus
Massage Therapy and Sciatica
Pathology of the Integumentary System
Introduction to Sports Stress Injuries
Fundamentals of Geriatric Massage
Massage Therapy and Sleep Disorders
Musculoskeletal Pathology for Massage Therapists
Conditions of the Nervous System for Massage Therapists
Diseases of the Immune System for Massage Therapists
Conditions of the Cardiovascular System for Massage Therapists

Asian Bodywork Courses
Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Introduction to Meridians and Acupoints
Tenets of Zen Shiatsu

Ethics Courses
Massage Therapy Roles and Boundaries (NCBTMB Standard V)
Ethics in Massage Marketing
Cultural Sensitivity for Massage Therapists
Transference and Countertransference in Massage Therapy
Confidentiality and the Massage practice
Managing Dual Relationships
Understanding Power Differential in Massage Therapy
Continuity of Care in Massage Therapy

Business Courses
Massage Business Bookkeeping
Targeted Marketing for Massage Therapists
The Wellness Center Model
Client Retention for Massage Therapists

Miscellaneous Courses
Fundamentals of Aromatherapy Massage
Fundamentals of Prenatal Massage
Fundamentals of Hot Stone Massage
Research Literacy for Massage Therapists
Advanced Body Mechanics
Out-Call Safety

Psychosocial Massage Courses
Massage Therapy for Victims of Sexual Abuse
Massage Therapy and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Massage Therapy for Substance Addiction

Florida Massage Therapist Courses
Prevention of Medical Errors
Florida Massage Therapy Rules and Laws (3 hrs)
Florida Massage Therapy Rules and Laws (10 hrs)