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2. According to the text how much does substance abuse costs the U.S. in increased crime, lost work, treatment and social welfare programs each year?
3. According to the National Household Survey how many adults admitted to having abused alcohol in 2001.
4. Which of the following is not one of the three main factors that contribute to addiction?
5. Why is stress a major obstacle to recovery of an addiction?
6. What is Cortisol?
7. In what way does prolonged drug use effect Cortisol release?
8. What is dopamine?
9. According to a study done at the Touch Research Institute in Miami a consistent regimen of massage can do what for the body?
10. A Norwegian showed that massage therapy caused a _____ increase in the beta-endorphin levels measured in the blood?
11. What physical benefits can massage therapy offer to an addict in recovery?
12. Which nerve is mentioned by name in the module as being directly effected by massage?
13. Which massage modality is mentioned by name as being beneficial for treatment of people in addiction recovery?
14. According to a study done at Miami's Touch Research Institute massage had what effect on people trying to recover from nicotine addiction?
15. According to author Brigitte Mars, the reason why massage is beneficial is that is does what?
16. What area of the brain is specifically responsible for the pleasurable feelings one may experience when using a mind or mood-altering substance?
17. According to the text, subnormal activity in the nucleus accumbens is often characterized by what condition?
18. What does the expression to quit “cold turkey” mean?
19. What are the current death rates for people suffering from Delirium Tremens (DTs)?
20. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of Delirium Tremens?
21. Approximately what percentage of hospitalized alcoholics suffer from alcoholic hallucinosis?

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