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2. Research suggests that adults need at least _________ hours of sleep each night to be well rested.
3. According to the survey mentioned in the course, what percentage of Americans sleep fewer than seven hours a night?
4. What percentage of adolescents sleep less than the recommended 8 to 9 hours each night?
5. It has been estimated that __________ adult Americans have a sleep or wakefulness disorder.
6. Sleep apnea and narcolepsy are known to be responsible for aproximately how many fatal accidents in United States each year?
7. A 2011 study revealed that workplace losses (including accidents) due to insomnia and associated comorbidities totaled _________ per year.
8. What is the Circadian Clock?
9. How many stages of sleep are there?
10. What is hypnic myoclonia?
11. During what stage of sleep would you see Delta Waves?
12. What does REM stand for?
13. What event generally only takes place during REM sleep?
14. What is Insomnia?
15. What type of Insomnia is caused by worrying about not being able to sleep?
16. What type of Insomnia causes a person to believe that they are up all night when they are actually sleeping?
17. What is Central sleep apnea?
18. Which form of sleep apnea can be caused by heart failure, stroke, or kidney failure and consists of a rhythmic increase and decrease of the breathing effort and the amount of air flow?
19. What does the term "hypersomnia" refer to?
20. What is Narcolepsy?
21. What does the word "cataplexy" mean?

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