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2. Which of the following events could cause a person to develop PTSD?
3. How does PTSD develop?
4. What factor(s) determine how likely a person is to develop PTSD?
5. According to the text, what percentage of adult Americans suffer from PTSD during the course of a year?
6. An estimated ______________Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives.
7. According to the text, women are more likely to develop PTSD. What reason for this is offered?
8. Many people who develop PTSD get better on their own, but ________ people with PTSD continue to have symptoms.
9. This course lists ____ types of recognized PTSD symptoms.
10. This course lists ____ physiological effects of PTSD.
11. The symptom that causes the person to be jittery, or always alert and on the lookout for danger is known as what?
12. Which of the following could be a symptom of PTSD?
13. Fearing for their safety all the time and always being on guard is a symptom called ____________.
14. Why do people with PTSD often develop insomnia?
15. Insomnia related to PTSD could eventually lead the person to_____________.
16. High blood pressure, a physiological effect of PTSD could be indicated by what condition?
17. Constipation, a physiological effect of PTSD, can be treated by massage therapy because ________________________.
18. What hormone is known to be a factor in hypertension and is also evident in high levels in people with PTSD?
19. How is PTSD treated?
20. How can massage therapy help treat PTSD?
21. What other conditions are often found in people that suffer from PTSD?

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