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2. What is Lupus?
3. How many categories of Lupus are there?
4. Why do scientists believe Lupus is more common in females?
5. Where does the name Lupus come from?
6. What causes Lupus?
7. What are some possible catalysts that can bring on Lupus?
8. Why do scientists believe it to be linked to reproductive hormones?
9. Cutaneous lupus effects what part of the body the most?
10. How often does Cutaneous lupus become systemic?
11. What is drug induced lupus erythematosus?
12. What is the most common from of Lupus that is diagnosed?
13. What fraction of people with systemic lupus erythematosus develop organ threatening symptoms?
14. What percentage of people with systemic lupus erythematosus suffer from prolonged fatigue?
15. What are the primary goals of doctors treating individuals with Lupus?
16. What type of medications are prescribed for Lupus?
17. Why must people with Lupus monitor their health closely when taking medication?
18. What is the most serious, life-threatening version of Lupus?
19. How can massage therapy be beneficial to a person with Lupus?
20. What special precaution must be taken with a client with Lupus?
21. Approximately what percentage of lupus patients get sun-induced rashes?
22. Thrombocytopenia is common in people with Lupus. What is Thrombocytopenia?

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