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2. What is a Dual Relationship?
3. What is meant by the term Casual Relationship in this course?
4. How many assumptions are required to use the decision-making model presented in this course?
5. What is the primary cause of conflict in Dual Relationships?
6. Why is the amount of power in a therapeutic relationship different for different massage clients?
7. How does the duration of a relationship factor into the decision making process?
8. Why are some Dual Relationships permissible?
9. When is a Dual Relationship not permissible?
10. When is it ethical to have sexual relations with a client?
11. What is a Familial Relationship?
12. Why are some Dual Relationships unavoidable?
13. What kind of Dual relationships are you most likely to have in a small town?
14. Why is it helpful to discuss ethical issues with a colleague?
15. What is meant by the term “No one lives in a vacuum”?
16. What should you do when a client has issues that are beyond your ability to treat?
17. When should you explain what a Dual Relationship is to a client?
18. What does the term “Role incompatibility” mean?
19. What does the term “Role fulfillment” mean?
20. Why should you assess cultural, religious or social factors when making an ethical decision?
21. What is the most important factor when deciding whether or not to enter a dual relationship?

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