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2. How can massage during pregnancy reduce edema?
3. How can massage help reduce depression in pregnant women?
4. What effects did massage have on the fetuses according to the study done by the University of Miami School of Medicine?
5. Why do pregnant women experience sciatic pain?
6. What percentage of women complain of back pain during pregnancy?
7. What causes the back pain experienced by pregnant women?
8. What massage strokes can reduce back pain during pregnancy?
9. Why are many massage therapists taught to not perform massage during a woman’s first trimester?
10. What factor should a massage therapist be prepared for during the first trimester?
11. The techniques used during a first trimester pregnancy massage are targeted at what?
12. What changes can you expect in a woman’s body during her third trimester?
13. When should you start modifying the position of a pregnant woman?
14. At what stage should massage be avoided altogether?
15. Why should you avoid the supported reclining position in the second half of pregnancy?
16. What problems can arise when a pregnant woman is in the side lying position?
17. Why does the author not endorse the use of preg-pillows or adaptive tables?
18. What do you need to drape a woman effectively in the side lying position?
19. What would you use a wedge pillow for?
20. How should you adjust the temperature of your massage room for a prenatal massage?
21. Which of the following is an absolute contraindication for prenatal massage?

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