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1. The NCBTMB requires that we put your home address on your transcript. Please enter it in the box below. Don't worry, we will not mail you anything or give it to anyone else.
2. Ethical advertising should always do what?
3. Why is there a need for training in ethical massage marketing?
4. What two areas does content refer to in advertising?
5. What is wrong with the term full-body massage?
6. In reference to this course, what is meant by a dubious modality?
7. Why is it a bad idea to state, “does not offer sexual services” in your advertisements?
8. Why do you have to choose your words carefully on a website?
9. What factors should you consider when thinking about placement of your advertisement?
10. Why are neon signs a bad idea for massage therapists?
11. What is an alternative to a neon sign that works at night?
12. What is meant by the term “snake oil”?
13. Why are alternative medicines called “alternative” medicines?
14. What does the author of this course suggest regarding alternative medicines?
15. What kind of claims are safe to make in massage advertising?
16. What kind of claims are inappropriate for massage marketing?
17. What is the placebo effect?
18. Why is it unethical to sell a product that you know is not effective, even if the client believes it works?
19. Why are many massage clients predisposed to believe in alternative medicines?
20. What two factors have led to the negative image many people in the United States have of massage therapy?
21. Is it ethical to say you offer “relief from muscular tension”?

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