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1. The NCBTMB requires that we put your home address on your transcript. Please enter it in the box below. Don't worry, we will not mail you anything or give it to anyone else.
2. What does the term Continuity of Care refer to in this course?
3. Why should massage therapists practice Continuity of Care?
4. Why should we make arrangements for regular clients to be covered while we are on vacation?
5. What kind of clients should we make arrangements for if we are going to be gone for a long period of time?
6. How can a massage therapist express Multidisciplinary Teamwork?
7. During a massage your client tells you they experience a lot of discomfort when they urinate. What should you do?
8. What should you do if your client has a nasty looking mole?
9. How can you prepare to be a good multidisciplinary team player?
10. What should you tell a client if you feel a lump under their skin?
11. Why is it wrong for you to tell a client if they have a medical condition?
12. Why should you not be worried about allowing another MT to cover for you while on a long break?
13. When should you let your clients know you are going on vacation?
14. Why is taking SOAP notes important if you ever plan on transferring a client?
15. What must you do before transferring SOAP notes to a new MT.
16. Why would you permanently transfer a client to another MT?
17. What is wrong with just dropping a client (making no provision for transfer)?
18. What can you do to make a smooth transition with a client that is very attached to you?
19. Why is it important to have clients sign a release of information for SOAP notes?
20. How does referent power come in to play during a client transfer?
21. How can practicing good Continuity of Care benefit all massage therapists?

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