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2. Roughly how much of the Anatomical Language is Greek in origin?
3. Why are most of our anatomical words in Ancient Greek?
4. What does the suffix –osis mean?
5. Where would you find a suffix?
6. Where would you find the supraorbital Vein?
7. What does the prefix endo- mean?
8. Use the Prefixes and Suffixes provided to decipher this word: "Dyspepsia"
9. The word somat refers to what?
10. What is hypermobility of the jaw?
11. The prefix –oo refers to what?
12. The suffix –ectomy means what?
13. What part of the body does the root word "Bronch" refer to?
14. What does the suffix –osis mean?
15. What does the suffix –penia mean?
16. What does the suffix –trophy mean?
17. What is rhinoplasty?
18. The suffix –emia implies what body parts?
19. What does the prefix –ambi mean?
20. Which suffix means “falling down” or “prolapse”?
21. Which prefix means “of or pertaining to the head”?

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